Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Antoine Bauza

Artwork: Etienne Hebinger, Cyril Nouvel & Dimitri Chappuis

  • Joueurs / Players3-7
  • Joueurs / Players40'
  • Joueurs / Players10+

7 Wonders Armada

Command a fleet of ships!

In 7 Wonders Armada, command a fleet of ships. Reinforce your navy, increase your commercial power, tax your opponents, explore unknown islands, and expand your renown beyond the seas… Go off to adventure and be rewarded for your bravery.

Thanks to a new board which is placed against your Wonder, you’ll now be able to sail and interact with your fearsome opponents. From now on, whenever you play a red, yellow, blue, or green card, you can pay an extra cost and advance the ship of the same color. The red ships allow you to win naval conflicts. At the end of each Age, ALL players face off in an immense naval clash. The blue ships increase your reputation and your success with many victory points. The yellow ships develop your commerce and apply taxes to your opponents… The green ships take you to faraway countries. Go explore unknown Islands, Harbors, and Archipelagos and benefit from fabulous treasures.

With this expansion, broaden your horizons and take care to observe your opponents’ play; your direct neighbors are no longer the only ones who can interact with you… Will you try to trade with them, or wage war on them?


8 Dockyard boards, 32 Ship figures (8 each in 4 colors), 24 Armada cards (8 Age I cards, 8 Age II cards, 8 Age III cards), 27 Island cards(9 of level 1, 9 of level 2, 9 of level 3), 2 Incursion tokens, 6 coins of value 6, 4 game aids (2 Naval Conflicts / Discard, 2 Naval Conflicts / Turn resolution), 1 score booklet, 1 rulebook, 48 Naval Conflict tokens (31 Victory tokens : 11 value 1 tokens, 12 value 3 tokens, 7 value 5 tokens, 1 value 7 token - 17 Defeat tokens : 7 value -1 tokens, 5 value -2 tokens, 5 value -3 tokens), 6 Ground Conflict tokens (3 Victory tokens, 1 value 1 token, 1 value 3 token, 1 value 5 token), 3 Defeat value -1 tokens

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