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Game designer: Antoine Bauza

Artwork: Miguel Coimbra

Card selection, construction

  • Joueurs / Players2-7
  • Joueurs / Players40'
  • Joueurs / Players10+

7 Wonders – Babel

Build the mythic tower of Babel

Babel offers two expansions in one. The first, Tower of Babel, allows players to erect the mythical tower, of which each new tile will influence the rules of the game. The second, Great Projects, offers large special cards the construction of which the players may partake in. Discover two new ways of playing 7 Wonders with this new expansion which is compatible with Leaders and Cities.

Babel adds to 7 Wonders two expansions which may be played separately.

With the first, The Tower of Babel, the players can place tiles to participate in the construction of the Tower of Babel. Each tile adds a "law" which modifies the game's rules and remains in effect until the tile is covered up. Taxes, changes to trade tariffs, improvements, or production shortages, the possibilities are many and push the players to participate in the construction of the tower to see the laws hindering them disappear. The tiles the players are able to add to the Tower of Babel are chosen at the beginning of the game, the same way as the cards are during the game. The second, Great Projects, puts in play at the beginning of each Age a great building the construction of which the players will be able to join in... or not. At the end of the Age, if enough players have participated in the construction of the great project, all those who did will be rewarded. If the great project fails, all those who didn't participate in its construction are penalized! At the beginning of each Age, the Great Project to be built is randomly drawn from the 5 available.

Babel offers you even more choice in your games of 7 Wonders. Whether you decide to play with only this expansion, or by adding all of the others, your games will remain fascinating and filled with twists, all while staying fast and well-paced.


1 Tower of Babel board, 24 Babel tiles, 15 Building cards, 1 participation token, building tokens, scoring notepad, and rulebook
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