Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Antoine Bauza

Artwork: Miguel Coimbra & Étienne Hebinger

  • Joueurs / Players2-8
  • Joueurs / Players40'
  • Joueurs / Players10+

7 Wonders Cities Anniversary Pack

Discover the secrets of the millenia-old cities

Add 15 Cities cards to the 7 Wonders Cities expansion, for the game 7 Wonders. Discover new buildings and enrich the urbanization of your city. Use diplomacy against your bellicose neighbors, spy on their technological advances, and make them plow under debt!

Celebrate the seventh anniversary of 7 Wonders by discovering 15 new buildings which will enjoyably renew your games.

The black Cities cards, offer many yet-unseen effects. Spying, for example, allows to copy the effects of your neighbors’ scientific cards. Diplomacy, allows to withdraw from the conflict at the end of the current age, forcing your neighbors to target one another to war. Some cards, which make the other players lose money, could force them to contract debt which will cost them victory points at the end of the game.

In addition to now granting the possibility of playing with up to 8 players, 7 Wonders Cities offers rules to play in teams. Sitting side by side, the teammates will be able to communicate about the cards they have in hand and the strategies they wish to set up, as well as resolve conflicts (or take advantage of diplomacy) together. At the end of the game, they will total up their points, and the team with the best score will win the game.

Just like Leaders before it, Cities offers to renew your way of playing 7 Wonders. It is both completely independent and completely compatible with Leaders, for games of 7 Wonders increasingly more rich and fascinating.

This expansion requires to have played a few games of the basic game to get the most out of it and deeply change your way of playing 7 Wonders.

The anniversary pack is an expansion for the game 7 Wonders and its expansion Cities. These two games are required to play. Each expansion contains the same cards.


  • 15 new cards
  • 1 rule card
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