Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Antoine Bauza

Artwork: Miguel Coimbra

Card selection, construction

  • Joueurs / Players2 - 8
  • Joueurs / Players40'
  • Joueurs / Players10+

7 Wonders – Cities

Discover the secrets of ancient cities

In addition to a new category of buildings, the black Cities cards, this second expansion for 7 Wonders offers all of the splendors of urbanism to your civilization: diplomacy, espionage, and even debt! Discover many new game effects for games of 7 Wonders for up to 8 players, as well as the ability to play in teams.

7 Wonders Cities innovates by adding a whole new category of buildings. The black Cities cards, numbering 27, offer many new effects. Espionage, for example, allows players to copy the effects of scientific cards of the players next to them.

Diplomacy, allows players to remove themselves from the conflict at the end of the current Age, forcing their neighbors to battle one another. Some cards, which make other players lose money, might force them to collect debt which will cost them victory points at the end of the game. And to take advantage of all these new things, you'll have the chance to play with two new Wonders: the Al-Khazneh of Petra, and the Cathedral of Byzantium.

Cities is fully compatible with the first expansion for 7 Wonders, Leaders, for which 6 new cards are offered. In addition, this game allows playing with up to 8 players, 7 Wonders Cities offers rules to play in teams. Sitting side by side, the teammates will be able to communicate about the cards they have in hand and the strategies they wish to enact, as well as resolve conflicts (or profit from diplomacy) together. At the end of the game, they will tally up their points, and the team with the best score will win the game.

Just like Leaders before it, Cities offers to refresh the way you play 7 Wonders. It is both independant and fully compatible with Leaders, making your games of 7 Wonders always more rich and fascinating.


9 Age I City cards, Age II City cards, 9 Age III City cards, 3 Guild cards, 6 Leader cards, 2 Wonder boards, 2 Wonder cards, 1 Score booklet, 1 Rulebook, 1 Help sheet, 25 Debt token -1 value, 4 Debt token -5 value, 3 Diplomacy tokens, 2 Defeat tokens
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