Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Antoine Bauza

Artwork: Miguel Coimbra

  • Joueurs / Players2-7
  • Joueurs / Players30'
  • Joueurs / Players10+

7 Wonders – Wonder Pack

Explore new horizons!

Because when it's about 7 Wonders, no one ever has enough, the Wonder Pack expansion offers four new, never seen before, Wonders to satisfy players who always need new things.

Thanks to the Wonder Pack, you will be able to occupy yourself with the construction of new prestigious Wonders.

Will you choose Stonehenge, which will allows you to turn your stones into victory points? The Great Wall, the stages of which may be built in any order and which always offer interesting effects? Abu Simbel, to embalm your Leaders and score victory points? Or else the Manneken Pis, which will allow you to copy the Wonders of your neighbors?

Abu Simbel requires the Leaders expansion to be played, but all of the others are playable with only the base set, at least on one of their sides. No matter what your choice, you will have a lot of fun taming these new Wonders, so that they lead your civilization to victory.


4 Wonder boards, 1 rulebook
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