Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Ludovic Maublanc

Artwork: John Kovalic

Bluff, simultaneous actions

  • Joueurs / Players4-8
  • Joueurs / Players30'
  • Joueurs / Players10+

Ca$h’n Guns Second Edition

Draw your gun and grab the most loot!

Nine years after its original success, Ca$h’n Guns is back in stores! Revised, redrawn, and improved, this new edition allows 4 to 8 players to face off in good fun, to split the loot in Ludovic Maublanc's wacky game. The success of the first version had given way to an expansion and to a live version of the game (Ca$h’n Guns Live). No doubt that this new, more fluid and faster, version of the game will be greeted as enthusiastically!

Players in Ca$h’n Guns are gangsters who just pulled off the hold-up of the century. The job went off without a hitch, but now the trouble starts: the loot needs to be split!

Eight Loot cards are put face-up on the table. Players then load their weapons with one of their "Click" or "Bang!" cards before aiming them at whoever they want.

The Godfather then has the ability to force a player to change targets before the courage test. At this point, the players will choose between cowering or staying on their feet despite the danger while shouting "Banzai!" Then comes the moment to apply the effects of the Click (fooled you!) and Bang! (Ow, a wound, that's got to hurt!) cards. Wounded players are laid down, and all players still standing will be able to each take a loot card or the New Godfather tile on their turn, until all of the turn's loot has been taken.

Play proceeds this way eight times in a row and, at the end of the eighth turn, the richest player (who is still alive) wins the game. With its simplified loot division, its new, more family friendly look, and a whole new slew of powers funnier and more surprising than ever, this new edition of Ca$h’n Guns promises even more games filled with riotous laughter!


8 foam pistols, 8 characters, 16 Power cards, 64 Ammo cards, 64 Loot share cards, 1 New Godfather tile, 1 Godfather's Desk tile, 1 Diamond bonus tile
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