Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Roberto Fraga

Artwork: Éric Azagury

Ambiance, challenges

  • Joueurs / Players2-9
  • Joueurs / Players12'
  • Joueurs / Players8+

Doctor Panic

Save your patient in less than 12 minutes!

Doctor Panic offers you a chance to dive into the overcharged ambiance of a zany hospital. The players have twelve minutes to cooperate in eight tests to save their patient. Suture, scan, recussitate... you'll have to give it your all to win the challenge!

Your patient is in critical condition. Luckily, you and your team of overly-gifted doctors are at work to save them! You have the length of a frenzied 12 minute soundtrack to accomplish eight different tests to get your patient back on their feet.

Make a complete examination of the patient, put electrodes on them, hand the surgeon the right tools, suture, scan, x-ray, make an injection, and issue the right prescriptions: here's all the challenges you'll have to face in less than twelve minutes... all while remembering to answer the phone calls of the director (who can't remember when to call), or recussitate your patient when they go into cardiac arrest!

In a wacky ambiance, you will have to face the most oddball situations to save your patient. And if you can't manage to complete the eight tests in the given time, you just have to play again to get some training!

Doctor Panic is an innovative cooperative party game, which requires a soundtrack or an app freely available on all support types (iOS, Android, or web version).


125 cards (Not exact number of cards), 4 clamping pliers, 1 cushion (patient's heart), 1 suture board with a string, 1 double-sided INJECTION file, 1 magnifying glass, 1 pillcase, 9 pills
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