Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Antoine Bauza

Artwork: Pierô

Cooperation, movement, combat

  • Joueurs / Players2 - 5
  • Joueurs / Players90'
  • Joueurs / Players13+

Ghost Stories – Black Secret

Play the role of the famous Wu-Feng!

Black Secret, the second expansion for Ghost Stories, offers you a chance to invert the roles and take on the mantle of the sinister Wu-Feng. Will you be able to recover the three urns containing your ashes to expand your domination over the Middle Kingdom? Or if, as a valorous Taoist, you choose to remain on the side of Good, will you manage to keep the Lord of the Nine Hells and his demons from conquering your village and then the world?

Black Secret asks one player to slip into the skin of the Cursed with a Thousand Faces, while the others will attempt to outwit his plans.

A new battleground will open in the depths beneath the village: the taoists will have to adventure in the catacombs to prevent the demons of Wu-Feng from claiming the three urns containing his ashes. If they do so, the game isn't yet lost for the Taoists, but it might as well be: the Shadow of Wu-Feng, a powerful demon, will appear on the board and sow destruction in his wake! Even if this new possibility isn't an immediate defeat condition, it often turns out to be disastrous for the side of good.

As to new mechanics, it's now Wu-Feng in person who will manage the arrival of the ghosts by placing them on the players' boards, and using them to summon demons in the catacombs, or even casting a Hex.

On the side of the Taoists, new weapons come to help them in their struggle against the darkness. The Bloody Mantras, which draw power from the wounds of the Taoists, will give them a temporary advantage: it's up to them to use it as efficiently as possible. And thanks to the new Blood Brother ability, a Taoist who only has a single Qi left can now use the power of the board across from their own.

By allowing a player to take the role of Wu-Feng, Black Secret brings a new dimension to Ghost Stories. The ambiance is even more exciting, the Taoists trying to outwit Wu-Feng's plans without revealing their own! And while the story of confrontations is always written by the winners, each game of Black Secret will be able to be told in two different ways, depending on who wins!


1 Catacombs board (double-sided), 1 Wu-Feng board (double-sided), 1 Shadow of Wu-Feng figure, 3 Minor Demon figures, 21 Bloody Mantra cards, 10 Chost cards, 5 Incarnation of Wu-Feng cards, 4 Call cards, 36 Catacomb tokens, 32 Curse tokens, 9 Ladder figures, 4 Blood Brother tokens, 3 Skeleton tokens, 1 Village tile (Calligrapher), 1 Active Taoist token
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