Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Antoine Bauza

Artwork: Pierô

Cooperation, movements, combat

  • Joueurs / Players1 - 4
  • Joueurs / Players90'
  • Joueurs / Players12+

Ghost Stories – White Moon

The villagers need you now more than ever!

The first expansion for the unmissable cooperative game by Antoine Bauza, White Moon come to embellish the story told by Ghost Stories, for the great pleasure of adventure lovers. In addition to facing the traditional haunting specters, the taoists will have to save the villagers from the claws of the Beastmen. To help them in their quest, they will be able to collect Moon Crystals to call upon the mysterious Su-Ling.

White Moon manages to offer new choices and new challenges to Ghost Stories players without drastically changing the rules to which the players are used to by now.

The expansion adds families of villagers, which the taoists (the players) will have to save by repelling the assaults of the ghosts against the village. To do this, they have a Portal though which they will herd the villagers in order to get them to safety.

The death of each villager will have negative effects for the players. But each complete family (of 1, 2, or 3 members) saved will give them an advantage, in the form of a temporary effect or of a powerful artifact which will help them in their struggle against evil.

Su-Ling, the errant soul of a young villager, will also be able to come to their aid when things seem desperate: the death of a villager, Curse, of haunted tile. This benevolent spirit blocks the abilities of a ghost.

In addition to the usual Taos, the players will be able to collect Moon Crystals. These translucent gems will allow them to summon a Mystic Barrier around the village and make a large number of ghosts disappear in a single shot! But all of this help has a price! If the Taoists take too long to save the villagers, they lose the game when the twelfth villager (out of twenty four) dies. That's right: while the victory condition doesn't change for the players, they now have an additional way of losing the game!

White Moon thus offers players new elements to make the story told by their game of Ghost Stories even more exciting!


24 Villager tiles, 1 Shelter board, 1 Graveyard board, 8 Artifacts,10 Ghost cards, 6 Incarnation of Wu-Feng cards, 4 Moon Crystals, 1 Kung-Fu School tile, 4 Receptacle figurines, 4 corner boards, 1 Portal figurine, 1 Su-Ling figurine, 1 Su-Ling play aid
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