Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Antoine Bauza

Artwork: Pierô

Cooperation, movement, combat

  • Joueurs / Players1 - 4
  • Joueurs / Players60'
  • Joueurs / Players12+

Ghost Stories

Fight Wu-Feng, the Lord of the Nine Hells

Cooperative games are liked by players for more than one reason. First, they create a feeling of solidarity, as players, being partners instead of opponents, must work as one to win together, and work well: if the game is lost, everyone loses. In addition to this incredible dynamic, cooperative games tell a story. Each game becomes a different retelling of a story, like tales which evolve over time. And the story told by Ghost Stories is really epic!

In Ghost Stories, the players take on the role of Taoist monks who will have the burdensome task of protecting their village against the assault of Wu-Feng, the Lord of the Nine Hells.

The village is composed of 3x3 tiles which each offer different actions to the players. This 9 spaced village is surrounded by the players' boards. These determine their color and grant a special power. The also contain the space on which the ghosts attacking the village will be placed.

The players play in turn by starting to activate the ghosts on their boards and draw new ones (Yin Phase), before being able to move and ask for a villager's help (use the power of the tile on which they are), or attempt to exorcice the ghosts within reach (Yang Phase). The game continues this way in turn order until the end of the game.

The game ends in victory if the players manage to vanquish the incarnation of Wu-Feng. However, if all the Taoists die, if four tiles of the village because haunted, or if the deck of ghosts is emptied while Wu-Feng is still in play, the players lose the game. That's right: there's only one way to win, but there are three ways to lose!

In addition to the placement of the village tiles and the drawing of the ghosts, which make each game into a unique experience, the players can choose between four difficulty levels, depending on their experience or courage!

Cooperation between the players will make their victories much mre satisfying and their defeats less painful. But whether they win or lose, they will have lots of fun going through this adventure together.


4 game boards, 9 Village tiles, 3 Tao dices, 1 special Tao die, 1 Curse die, 55 Ghost cards, 10 Incarnation of Wu-Feng cards, 20 Tao tokens, 20 Qi tokens, 4 Taoist figurines, 4 Yin-Yang tokens, 8 Haunting figurines, 2 Buddha figurines, 1 Inactive Taos marker, 1 Enfeeblement Mantra token (a scroll ), 4 Inactive Power tokens, 3 Neutral Power tokens, 1 rulebook, 1 Helpsheet, 1 sheet to record your games
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