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Game designer: Repos Production

A bell, 110 cards, a bag, the rulebook.

  • Joueurs / Players3 - 8
  • Joueurs / Players30'
  • Joueurs / Players8+


Things are funny!

Kalifiko is a proud example of the wacky communication games Repos Productions like so much. Here, players must use their imaginations and be persuasive to get rid of their cards quickly. Speed and wit will be present at each game of Kalifiko!

Kalifiko is a quick and zany party game in which the players must get rid of all five cards they get at the beginning of the game as quickly as possible. To do so, when the player whose turn it is (the speaker) calls an item, the others must quickly attempt to find a card which could describe it from among their cards. If the card of the fastest player to have rung the bell is accepted, it's their turn to propose a new word. If the card is contested, the players proceed to a raised hand vote, the loser of which draws 2 new cards.

Of course, the player who gets rid of their last card the fastest wins the round. After three rounds, whoever won the most rounds is the winner. In addition to its basic rules, simple and promising many lively games, Kalifiko offers no fewer than 5 variants for players who like change, or to be able to play with younger children.


Quickness, discarding, communication, idea association
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