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Game designer: Bruno Faidutti

Artwork: Jérémy Masson

Bluff, memory, observation

  • Joueurs / Players2 - 13
  • Joueurs / Players30'
  • Joueurs / Players10+


Be the richest player!

Discover the thrills of masquerade balls by taking on the role of a King or a Peasant, a Judge or a Thief, a Bishop or of a Witch... Safely behind their masks, up to 13 players will have to battle using their wits, intuition, and deceit to become the richest and win the game. So, enter Mascarade and bring down the masks!

In Mascarade, each player begins the game by taking on one of the 12 possible roles: Judge, Bishop, King, Fool, Queen, Thief, Witch, Spy, Cheat, Inquisitor, Widow, or Peasant. The distribution of roles is determined according to the rules, depending on the number of players.

On each turn, a player will have the choice between three actions: trade their Character card, check their identity, or announce their Character. With that last action, the player attempts to make the others believe that they are this character and that they are about to use their power. But be careful about getting caught if you are bluffing! If other players claim to be the announced character, only the one who really has that role will be able to benefit from its effect, while all the others will have to pay a fine to the courthouse.

Players will have to call upon their intuition and their memory to unmask the other players' characters as best they can, all while trying to hide their own role.

The first player to collect 13 coins is declared the winner.

With Mascarade, Bruno Faidutti offers you a chance to relive the light and laughing ambiance of Venetian masked balls through a subtle game, wonderfully illustrated by Jérémy Masson.


13 cartes Personnage, 1 carte Personnage vierge, 1 plateau tribunal, Des pièces d’or (pour une valeur totale de 194), 14 marqueurs Personnage dont un vierge, 5 aides de jeu
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