Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Peter Sarrett

Artwork: Éric Azagury

Guessing, mime, cooperative

  • Joueurs / Players2 à 12
  • Joueurs / Players20'
  • Joueurs / Players4+

Time’s Up Kids

The Time's Up! for younger players!

With Time’s Up ! Kids, the unmissable party game is now within reach of younger gamers. No need to be able to read to have fun! This new illustrated version is cooperative, so that children play and win all together in a friendly atmosphere.

Time’s Up! Kids is an illustrated and cooperative version of Time’s Up! designed to be played with children who don't yet know how to read.

The players randomly draw 20 illustrated cards. One player will have to get the other players to guess them one by one by describing, but without naming the thing that's on them. So, the image of a rabbit could be described as "A small animal with long ears, which jumps and likes carrots...". Once the illustration is found, the player moves on to the next card, and so on, until the 20 cards have been guessed.

The timer is then started and players proceed to the second round, after reshuffling the same cards to reform the deck. In this last round, the player has the time remaining in the timer to make people guess the same cards, but by miming them this time! As the game is cooperative, if all the cards have been guessed before time runs out, the players all win together! Otherwise, they can draw 20 new cards and start a new game!


220 cards, 1 10-minute timer, 1 rulebook, 1 transport bag
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