Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Peter Sarrett

Communication, memory, mime

  • Joueurs / Players4 à 12
  • Joueurs / Players40'
  • Joueurs / Players12+

Time’s Up Party

The famous party game gets a new look!

Time’s Up is the best seller of party games. Unlike other so-called "culture" games, it requires no encyclopedic knowledge to have fun. A bit of cleverness, a bit of attention, a bit of memory, and that's it! In its Celebrity and Academy versions, the first ever Repos Production game sells thousands of copies each year. To offer a new experience each time, the Party version offers updated content with celebrities, movies, books, and common items.

Time’s Up! Party is a party game to play with friends or family. The players split into teams and divide 30 cards between themselves, plus two cards per player.

Each player then chooses 2 cards they feel are too difficult and returns them to the box. The remaining cards are then shuffled to create the deck, and the game can begin. Time’s Up! Party is played over three rounds. The players will have to get their teammates to guess titles of works, celebrities, places, and other unusual items as written on the cards.

During each round, in turn, each player will have 30 seconds to get their teammates to guess as many words as possible. Each guessed word will be worth 1 point for their team. During the first round, the player will be able to describe the subject using words to give clues. For the second, each player will only be allowed a single word to get their subject guessed. Finally, on the third and final round, players who are making their team guess are no longer allowed to speak! They will have to mime, hum, or make noises to make their partners guess words. At the end of the three rounds, the team with the highest score wins the game.


1 30-second sand timer; A biography of the game personalities; A result notepad; A rulebook and a bag; 220 cards (440 celebrities, works, locations, and other unusual things to find)
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