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Game designer: Chris Darsaklis

Artwork: Gaël Lannurien, Cyrille Bertin, Nicolas Fructus, Vincent Dutrait, Frédéric Navez, Anne Heidsieck, Julien Delval, Jonathan Aucomte, Loïc Billiau, Cyril Nouvel, Éric Azagury, Sébastien Caiveau, Zong, Maëva Da Silva, Swal, Régis Torrès, Asterman Studio, Christine Deschamps, Ismaël Pommaz, Miguel Coimbra

  • Joueurs / Players4-10
  • Joueurs / Players30'
  • Joueurs / Players8+

When I Dream

Take the time to dream !

When I Dream is a dreamlike game in which the players in turn take on the role of a dreamer.

That player will have to guess as many words as possible over the course of a night represented by a timer. The other players take on the role of dream spirits.

There are 3 different spirits :

At the end of the round, the dreamer will recount their dream for the other players ... Then the roles change and a new turn begins...


1 3D bed,1 Board,1 Mask,1 Timer,110 Dream cards, meaning 440 different words,11 Dream spirit cards,104 Point tokens,1 Rule booklet.
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