Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Nicolas Normandon

Artwork: Miguel Coimbra

Negotiations, movement, majority

  • Joueurs / Players3-6
  • Joueurs / Players90'
  • Joueurs / Players14+

City of Horror

Hell is other people!

You like zombie movies? You feel ready to face the end of the world? Your talents as a negotiator will be challenged if you want your characters to survive four turns in this damned city infested with starving zombies! As only the most skillful at making alliances (and breaking them at the right time) will be able to get to the rescue helicopter!

In City of Horror, each player controls a group of survivors in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. And while the eradication of undead is a traditional hobby, to win, you must above all survive!

On each turn, the players choose a location to which they will send one of their characters. These different places are where they'll be able to scavenge the supplies they'll need to survive more easily. Unfortunately, each place has a limited amount of room.

An Invasion card is then revealed to "suffer" the arrival of new zombies and move those already on the board. It's only after that invasion that the players will apply their movement choices, with the risk of going somwhere that's already full, and have to send someone to the meatgrinder that is the crossroads.

After having resolved the effect of the location where they are, the characters may have to deal with a zombie attack. In that case, after some rough negotiations, a raised-hand vote will determine which character is tossed to the zombies. Only after this is done will they be able to divide Action and/or Antidote cards which are there for them to find.

At the end of the fourth turn, when rescue choppers finally arrive, the players will score points for each of their characters still alive as well as for any Antidote and Food tokens in their possession. The player with the most points wins the game.

City of Horror is a game of survival and negotiation which perfectly captures the atmosphere of George Romero movies: quite often, the other players are more to be feared than the hordes of zombies!


6 location boards: the Church, the Hospital, the Bank, the Crossroads, the Water Tower, and the Armory.3 road boards (Trucks, Zombie horde, and Ambulance.) 1 Water Tower base in two parts (to be assembled). 21 Character cards with a "refreshed character" side and an "exhausted character" side.21 Character tokens, corresponding to the Character cards. 1 Woman with Baby Character token. 40 Zombie tokens. 70 colored bases (5 yellows, 5 reds, 5 greens, 5 purple, 5 white, 5 blue, and 40 black). 36 Movement cards (6 for each color). 40 Action cards. 20 Invasion cards. 6 Explosion tokens. 4 Fire tokens to be assembled. 1 First Player token. 12 Food tokens (1 of value 0, 5 of value 1, 5 of value 2, and 1 of value 3). 20 Antidote tokens. 1 Zombie Leader token. 3 Cache tokens to be used in games of less than 6 players. 6 Game Aid / Zombie Color tokens.