Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Bruno Faidutti

Artwork: Jérémy Masson

Bluff, memory, observation

  • Joueurs / Players2 - 13
  • Joueurs / Players30'
  • Joueurs / Players10+

Mascarade – Expansion

Even more characters to renew your games!

Masquerade balls are fun, but it's always the same people who show up... or rather... the same masks! You want new faces? Get ready to see new mysterious and charming characters enter the game. This new blood in the Mascarade will give your games even more excitement. Will you succumb to the charms of the Courtesan or to the curses of the Necromancer? This expansion contains 13 new characters for even more tense and twisted games!

The Mascarade expansion offers you 13 new characters to bring in a bit of new blood to your games: The Alchemist, Actress, Courtesan, Gambler, Puppet Master, Damned, Patron, Beggar, Bear Tamer, Necromancer, Princess, Sage, and Usurper are now among the possible guests who could take part in your great masked ball.

In addition to these new characters with surprising powers, the expansion offers you scenarios, for quick game set ups and which deal with the best of Mascarade and its expansion.

So, stop hesitating and step into the dance!


13 Character cards, 13 Character tokens, 1 Cemetary card, 1 rulebook,  5 game aids