Repos Production – Boardgame publisher

Game designer: Edgar Cayce

Artwork: Olivier Fagnère

Simultaneous trades, combinations, quickness

  • Joueurs / Players3 - 8
  • Joueurs / Players30'
  • Joueurs / Players7+


The elder modern game

Repos Production gives new life to the venerable Pit, the oldest of trading games, created by Edgar Cayce in 1903! In addition to the ability to play with up to 8 players, this version based on funny cows offers about fifteen variants for even more fun!

After having selected as many cow families as there are players, the cards are shuffed and 9 are dealt to each player. The players will then have to trade cards, at a rate of 1, 2, 3, or 4 identical cows face down. They announce (often by shouting!) the number of cards they're giving and add the ones they're getting to their hand. As soon as a player manages to collect a complete family of nine cards, they hit the bell. The round ends, the player scores the points for the family they managed to gather, and play moves on to the next round for a new flurry of fierce trading!

The first player to reach 200 points, or the one with the most points as the end of eight rounds, wins the game.

The winner of each round can choose to apply one of the seventeen offered variants (silent cow, lazy cow, cow n’Guns…) to the next round, in order to change things up a bit.


1 bell, 74 cards